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           PIN Based Bankcard Processing for Retail Business
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Verifone V200 POB EMV Terminal
Verifone V200 POB EMV Terminal

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POB Point of Banking Processing Services
Surcharge Processing, No Cost Bankcard Processing for Retail Merchants

Profitable Secure EMV Card Processing!
Chip Card Enabled POB Terminals, EMV Cashless ATMs Terminals EMV
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Point of Banking has become the most cost effective way for any retail business to enjoy substantial savings in processing fees when accepting card payments.  This is accomplished by utilizing a small convenience fee that customers pay as withdrawals are made to pay for purchases.

The primary benefit of this type of payment card processing is to enable merchants to accept bankcards without paying credit card processing fees thru simple and fair flat fee pricing for each approved transaction which is passed along to the customer, keeping consumer product prices lower.

Another leading benefit is the security of PIN based transactions that help stop growing consumer fraud against merchants through chargebacks.
This feature also welcomes merchants that are considered to be high risk.

Save Money!Save Money!
Saving Money with efficiency is very important to retail business owners these days.  Point of Banking is an easy to use program that provides on going savings for merchants to help them become more profitable by saving money!

Equipment pricing is very competitive and includes free shipping.  Equip arrives fully programmed, tested and is ready to go to work.  Let us show you how simple it is for your retail business to save money on fees other merchants have to pay when accepting bank cards in their locations.

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Point of Banking.com
How does POB benefit Merchants?
 NO Processing Fees, Saves Money  NO Processing Fees, Saves Money
 NO Hidden Fees to Worry About  NO Hidden Fees to Worry About
 NO Early Cancellation Fees  NO Early Cancellation Fees
 NO Monthly Minimums or Quotas  NO Monthly Minimums or Quotas
 Safer PIN Based Transactions  Safer PIN Based Transactions
 Helps to Increase Store Sales  Helps to Increase Store Sales
 Helps to Increase Foot Traffic  Helps to Increase Foot Traffic
 Cash Back Customer Convenience  Cash Back Customer Convenience
 Simple, Easy to Use Functionality  Simple, Easy to Use Functionality

Point of Banking.com
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Point of Banking.com About Point of BankingAbout Point of BankingAbout Point of Banking
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Point of Banking.com POB ProductsPOB ProductsPOB Products
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easy it is to enjoy free, no cost
credit card processing services.
Point of Banking.com Reseller OpportunitiesReseller OpportunitiesReseller Opportunities
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Point of Banking.com Point of Banking.com Point of Banking.com

Products and Services available only in the United States of America  Products and Services available only in the United States of America

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